Amdaris Internship Program runs twice a year and during the course of 3 months, 15-20 interns will have access to 3 modules, as follows:

Module 1: C#, SOLID, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, Inversion of control, Agile Methodology
Module 2: Entity Framework Core, SQL
Module 3: ASP.NET Core, MVC, HTML, CSS, React, WebAPI

After each module, you have an exam that consists of practical and theoretical questions. You will create a Web Application by the end of the course using all accumulated knowledge and best practices, which could be your graduate work.


  • Good knowledge of OOP
  • Good algorithmic skills
  • Data structures
  • Basic knowledge of SQL (advantageous)
  • Basic knowledge of Web technologies (advantageous)
  • Good technical and interpersonal skills with a passion for software development

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