Next stage of Capture the flag (CTF)

CRDF Global is happy to announce next stage of Capture the flag (CTF) competition for students in Moldova.

This time we are pleased to prepare informative and interesting program together with one of the leading universities of the United States of America, Purdue University.

You are welcome to visit online training focused on digital forensics and reverse engineering on 25 September and take part in competition on 26th of September.

The competition will last for six hours and will test your knowledge of the topics covered in training. Half of the competition will follow the story line of you, an entry-level digital forensics and incident response expert, on your first day at work. You will uncover insider threats, analyze advanced malware, and save your company from certain doom. The other half will present a selection of classic capture-the-flag challenges to test your speed and hacker skills.

For registration following this link: